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Spring forward

So, firstly, Happy New year to you all!

We're getting excited as it's getting closer and closer to our first workshops - above are those that we're offering in March and there are still a few spaces! Each of our courses has a limited number of spaces so that our experts can devote enough time to each of you lovely learners :)

Spring will certainly see us offering more and more workshops in our creative space and we can't wait to let you know about some of those that we're currently negotiating. If you subscribe on our website, you'll receive news as we write and so you'll be kept up to date with all new courses as they become available to book. Here's what we've currently got for April:

So, forget the 'new year, new you' thing... what about 'new year, new skill'? Mental stimulation; doing something you've never done before; trying something you've always been interested in; turning your hand to a new art or craft - what could be a better resolution?

We look forward to meeting you all.


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