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Danielle Hopkinson - Stained Glass Artist


Our very own Danielle has been working with stained glass for over 25 years. Together with partner Ian Davis, she is the owner of The Stained Glass Studio. Having the opportunity to purchase the building next door, they opened Stoke Bridge Workshops in March 2018 to realise a dream of bringing professional workshops in art and design-led craft to the community.


Danielle Hopkinson is a designer with a successful business in stained glass. Her work ranges from small inexpensive decorations or more substantial sculptures to large murals and windows for public buildings and private houses.


Using a variety of kiln-based techniques, including painting, silver staining, fusing, casting and slumping, Danielle produces architectural stained glass. Her work ranges from large scale fixed pieces to interior screens, hanging panels and mirrors. Much of her commissioned work reflects the ideas and themes introduced by the client, while her exhibition pieces are inspired by natural forms and her own surroundings. Danielle studied Architectural Glass at Swansea College of Art and is a member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters. 

Mikaela Rackham

Pic by Alexander Ward Photography

Mikaela Rackham - Photographer

Mikaela teaches our Cyanotype classes - always popular and, although she's a photographer, classes are experimental and fun and guests leave with photographs taken without the use of a camera. 

In her own words:

"Suffolk based Photographer Mikaela Jade creates original Fine Art photography and artworks that explore themes of nature, mythology, surreal and alternative worlds as well as cultural story telling. 


Mikaela uses traditional and contemporary photographic processes in combination and conflict with one another to produce images which reference our relationship with the stories that shape us, and the world that surrounds us. Materials and subject matter are chosen intentionally to resonate in our memories. Imploring us to remember the past, consider the moment and contemplate our future fate."

Henry Moore

Henry Moore - Potter

Henry is a ceramic artist who came sixth in the 2021 round of Channel 4's Great Pottery Throwdown. He learned the theories and basics of ceramics work at university but is a self-taught thrower of pots!

In his own words:

"There are so many facets to pottery work, such as the chemistry of glazing, how to fire your creations and all of the processes in between - it can be super challenging and I like that"

Henry is resident potter at Stoke Bridge Workshops, creating his unique designs in our clay room and teaching various throwing and hand building workshops when he's not getting ready for a show or an exhibition. 

Look out for Henry under the name 'Pot Punk'.


John-Christian Jacques

Offering a series of photography workshops with us, we're really pleased to have someone with John-Christian's experience teach in our creative space. 

In his own words:

"I am a freelance photographer specialising in unit stills, portraiture and performance photography, although I have been known to do some rather nice landscape, travel, and wildlife work.


I have over 37 years professional experience snapping film, music, dance, and drama related subjects, from Pete Townshend and Robert Palmer, to English Festival Ballet and Momix, to Peter Ustinov and Catherine Zeta Jones.

I have taught the subject for the last 22 years.

I am also a member of the Film Stills Directory."


We're really lucky to have so many amazing colleagues and collaborators on whom we can call to offer an incredible range of professional workshops. Many of our hosts are people that we've worked with, that we've met along our professional path; either that or we've been introduced to them by others.


As we grow, we'll welcome new hosts - rest assured though, anyone that offers classes in our workshops will be a solid professional who can teach you a new skill, or build on something that you've previously learned, and that you'll be able to take away with you and build on. 

Here's a brief outline of some of the tutors that we've welcomed to our workshops previously; many of them are regulars and offer various courses from time to time:

Wayne Tanswell, Master Signwriter

Wayne has been signwriting since 1980 and has worked all over the UK and abroad: Bahrain, Zambia, and European Countries such as Spain and Holland.


He's been commissioned by Sky TV, Lovejoy, Chris Rea, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Museum of Royal Worcester and projects for the Tate at the Blue Finn Building in London.

In his own words: "As a Lettering Artist, I have held several solo exhibitions including, Cambridge, London and in my home County of Suffolk.  

My art consists of original quotations, mixed fonts, and merging a traditional skill with a contemporary flair. The "Writing Wrongs" exhibitions have been featured on the BBC and in national newspapers. I have a huge respect for time-honoured skills and intend to keep this tradition alive by running workshops both here and abroad."

We're really lucky to have Wayne as one of our professionals - he chooses to teach signwriting only at Stoke Bridge Workshops and at Central Saint Martins in the UK.

Wayne Tanswell, Signwriter
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Andrea Wright, Silver Jewellery Artist

"For as long as I can remember I have always had a strong creative urge. From standing on boxes helping my Dad knead bread to create fantastical dough crocodiles, sculpting marzipan to create my own menagerie of various creatures to having an obsession with drawing, painting and creating things."


With a BA in Fine Art Printmaking and qualifications in silversmithing, Andrea is a true creative turning her hand to several different skills. Andrea has been part of a team running The Beatrice Royal Art Gallery in Eastleigh Hampshire and teaching an Art club for children, and has also worked in a high-end jewellery boutique surrounded by the work of the top 40 British jewellery designers.


Andrea brings both silver jewellery workshops with us, and different genres of printmaking.