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Stoke Bridge Workshops is a space for exactly that... workshops. It's a space for our community; a space for groups; for makers; for craftsmen and women; for teachers; for clubs; for artists, for creating. 

We host our own workshops, run by friends and associates who are trusted artisans and craftsmen, and which are open to all - see our workshops and events page for information on each one, and for booking yourself a workshop/s that you're interested in. 

We also hire out our space at certain times for you to have meetings, conduct interviews, or simply get busy with your own project - talk to us about your ideas and we'll chat through options.


Our workshops consist of:


  • A main activity room, with or without tables and chairs and various equipment to help you to carry out your workshop or to teach or to join up with others and create.

  • A second activity room, primarily set up as a clay studio with kiln*.

  • A further room that can be used for preparation or for break-outs; this prep room has a large sink. 

  • Stoke Bridge Workshops also has a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

We look forward to meeting you whether you're teaching, participating or doing your own thing.

*Please note - we do not offer kiln space; our kilns are only available as part of a workshop or room hire arrangement due to the way in which we operate.

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