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A question for you...

We hope you're all having amazing summers and that this lovely cool air is bringing fresh thoughts along with it. It certainly is for us!

We're currently planning our Autumn / Winter series of workshops, amongst other things, and we'd really like your views on what you'd like to see in our programme. So far we've offered workshops in:






Lampshade making




Stained glass

Fused glass


And what fun they've been! Take a look at our gallery for more pictures of past workshops, and see the workshops that we've currently got on offer here.

We're planning on repeating some of our more popular workshops but we've got some new ones up our sleeves too! We've got exciting plans for other ways to use our incredible space - we'll keep you posted as our plans become more solid.

But, we're nothing without you - your views are incredibly important to us. Let us know if there's something you'd particularly like to see in our programme and we'll rally round our network of professional tutors and make it happen!

Alternatively, if you are a professional tutor yourself and would like to talk to us about becoming one of our trusty band, please let get in touch

We really look forward to hearing from you

Danielle and Ian :)


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