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We can teach you a thing or two

Whilst our last few workshops have been going on, we've been scouting out new skills for you to learn from our expert band of professionals.

We're now super-pleased to point you all in the direction of our workshops page so that you can see how busy we've been and how lucky you all are - just look at the incredible skills that you can now master!

From core drawing skills to oil and watercolour painting and special effects; from more jewellery classes to dry point etching and fused glass flower making:

We've also brought back classes that we know you wanted more of - apologies if you weren't able to book last time: we like to keep our class sizes small so that you get the attention you deserve and everyone's able to leave, having learned a new, transferrable skill:

Two final things to tell you:

  1. We've added a new 'past workshops' page to our website - we want you to be able to see workshops that we've offered in the past so that you can request repeats of these. If you fancy learning one of the skills that we've previously offered but weren't able to make it the last time around, by all means get in touch - we're happy to ask our tutors to repeat classes - we want to teach what you want to learn.

  2. We'll shortly be adding two photography workshops to our list - urban landscape photography in June and portrait photography in July - just discussing the final details with our amazingly talented professional photographer.... watch this space (we'll let you know when it's added).

We're so grateful to all of you that have attended workshops so far - it's really important to us that our community has somewhere that you can all learn top-class skills from professional artists and artisans and we know, from the feedback we've received to date, that every workshop has delivered a good level of learning and fun (not to mention the food - our refreshments and lunches, delivered to us by La Tour Cycle Cafe are just delicious!).

Do follow us on social media where we'll post events for each of our new workshops - we'll also keep you up to date on workshops that we're holding as they're happening and; do bear our gift vouchers in mind if you've got birthdays coming up. Look out for our new leaflets that will be in production shortly to cover June-September workshops (if you'd like some for your workplace; community space etc, please let us know - we'd be happy to deliver some).

Finally, we're doing this for the community, please pass it on!

See you soon

Danielle and Ian


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