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The Story of our Mural

Those of you that have visited Stoke Bridge Workshops already, and those of you that have seen our social media posts, will have seen the amazing mural that we commissioned to break up the clean, white walls. Well, we wanted to share with you a few 'during and after' pictures and a little bit of knowledge about the mural and the incredible artist that is Kieran Page.

Kieran’s an Ipswich-based illustrator known as K-Page - he’s worked on various projects around the local creative scene and has teamed up with musicians to create branding and album covers; rallied other local illustrators to form a collaborative zine; he’s done some live painting at Old Jet, Bentwaters and painted several walls around Ipswich town, for various ventures.

Having worked in graphic design since leaving college, Kieran says that art is his passion and his escape from the commercial world.

In all of Kieran’s work you'll find a woodlouse called Woody who's been rather busy over the years. Stickers of Woody have been plastered all over the world and posted on social media using the tag #whereswoody - Kieran challenges people to stick him in crazy places. He's been to Madagascar, Barbados and even Everest base camp!

In his own words:

“I was stoked when Danielle approached me about this mural. Creating a mural for the wall of a creative space, aimed to inspire people to let loose… it’s a dream job!” Kieran explained that, when approaching the design for our wall, the idea was fairly simple. He sat down one evening with an A2 sketchbook, got the paint pens out and went at it.

“Trying to focus on my idea of creativity, removing any mental barriers, letting my brain flow, I just free-styled. For me, the creative process should be a natural thing, with no fear of what people think; an idea can be easily tamed but not so easily padded out. So this piece to me represents my confidence to express myself, in my style and I hope it inspires people using the space to do the same!”

Bringing a host of friends along to create the large-scale mural, the creation of our mural was photographed by another brilliant local creative, Lewis Gant - thanks Gant, your images capture exactly the mood whilst the mural was emerging.

The perfect match for us - a free-style piece of creativity to inspire others to let their creativity take over. Thanks Kieran, we love it!

Find K-Page here:

Find Gant here:

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Miranda Acres
Miranda Acres
05 груд. 2018 р.

Love this mural ... the design is a great demonstration of creativity and the colours make the room sing! Nice work Kieran and great capturing Gant :)

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