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News of stamping and snapshots

As always, we're too excited to keep it all in! Although we don't want to bother you too often, we know you'll want to hear what we've got to say this time :)

So, we first wanted to recap last weekend's jewellery stamping workshop with the incredibly talented Andrea Wright. The six apprentices provided us with such amazing feedback that we've asked Andrea to re-run the course in September - we know we'll have no problem filling another six places. Here are a few pics of the finished results from this weekend. For more images take a look at our gallery:

Our other exciting news is that we've managed to pin down professional photographer, John Ferguson, to some dates for workshops! We know that many of you have asked about photography classes and we think we've got the best. John has experience as an editorial photographer, travelling the world shooting for various publications and, as part of his day-long courses, he'll delight you with some of the shots that he's captured and the people he's met along the way.

Interestingly, both photography courses, one specialising in urban landscapes and the other in portraits, will take place both in our studios and around and about the local area. John's keen to teach both beginner and intermediate photographers all about natural light amongst many other things.

Take the opportunity to learn from a truly great photographer and book your place now for landscapes on 9th June, or portraits on 13th July. Here are a few of John's own shots to whet your appetite!

As always, we look forward to meeting you!

Danielle and Ian


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