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Learning lino and looking forward

With another amazingly successful workshop this weekend, we're absolutely over the moon that everyone went home with some amazing prints to enjoy.

Here's what our linocut apprentices were taught by the brilliant Hannah Farthing:

First, our students chose the designs that they wanted to create. They looked through some books of illustrations for some inspiration. Some had brought images in with them. Next, was tracing the chosen designs onto lino blocks.

Our students then cut and carved the lino blocks under Hannah's watchful eye, and with plenty of hints and tips. Hannah taught everyone about creating surface textures, both with tools and by scraping into the ink.

Printing designs onto paper was the next step - exciting as the class would finally get to see the 'positive' version of their linocut. Hannah introduced us to embossing powders which we heated after printing to create a 'raised' effect to certain areas of our illustrations.

And then, the finale! Here are some of the stunning works created by our workshoppers following their excellent learning of skills from Hannah Farthing. They're great aren't they? All of our learners got to take their blocks home, as well as the various prints that they created. They can now use the blocks to create many more pictures as they wish.

Don't forget, you can learn more from the amazing Hannah Farthing in a couple of week's time: Intro to letterpress: 28th April 9am-1pm, £60 - vintage wood type and an Adana 8x5 press. Hannah is a very talented print-maker and illustrator - she'll guide you through the whole process and you'll end up taking home prints that you can enjoy or share. Come armed with a few short words/phrases!

Fused glass lantern making: 4th May 9:30am-1pm, £75 - with our very own Danielle Hopkinson. Getting the hang of working with glass: cutting and decorating the surface to be fired and fused, you'll be able to collect your lantern once it comes out of the kiln - here are a few design examples:

Intro to signwriting: 11th June 10am-4pm with master craftsman, Wayne Tanswell - second date for this popular workshop. Head on over to our gallery to see Wayne's previous workshop and the results for his students.

As we write this, we're finalising details of further workshops - photography will be with you shortly, jewellery and more. As usual, we look forward to meeting you all soon :)


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