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A weird but strangely wonderful time

Looking back at our last blog, it seems like a lifetime ago - we were celebrating our first birthday and adding lots of new #workshops to our #programme. Who knew then that we would be entering #lockdown and having to reschedule all of those amazing #creative events?!

The title of this blog is meant to highlight the weirdness of this situation: the #isolation and the lack of #social contact - and, let's face it, our workshops are meant to be, not only opportunities to learn new #skills from fabulous #tutors, but also to be social events; but also the wonderful things that are happening in our #community as a result of lockdown: the #positivity of many of our creatives and the generosity of our tutors and many, many others in sharing lessons, tutorials and ideas on social media - take a look at some of those we've shared, above. We're absolutely overwhelmed at how many options there are online for adults and children alike to learn new things and to beat the boredom.

For ourselves, you'll have noticed on our website that we've #postponed all #events in March, April and May. We suspect that we may have to do the same across the coming months but we'll certainly keep you posted. We're not wasting the time that we've got however: we're talking to tutors, keeping in touch with them and looking at ways that we can bring ideas to you and planning new workshops for the future; we're also planning work on our #creativespace to open up more of the back room to create a dedicated #clay room - watch out for #pottery and #ceramics workshops in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

Do follow us on social media as we share ideas from others and share any news that we've got. If you'd like to talk to us about any new ideas for workshops, please do drop us an email and we'll get back to you

Stay home, stay safe and keep in touch


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